• The ultimate goal of each roll is to score Carabinas.
  • If you roll any Carabina during the game, you immediately win the round and get to keep rolling for another round. Let’s look at 3 different types of Carabinas...
  • Carabina de Aces :
    This one is worth ten points and is very difficult to obtain. (That’s why it’s worth the most). To obtain Carabina de Aces, you need to get a complete set of five aces within the three-roll limit.
  • If you get Carabina de Aces, you are awarded 10 points and the game is automatically over. You have won with your awesome skills and eliminated everyone else in the game. (Your friends may be mad at you for this. But you’ve won. So, who cares?) You are the winner of the game, even if no one else had a chance to roll. Plus, you get to be the first roller in the next game!
  • Carabina de (Kings) Naturales :
    For this, you need to collect five Kings within your three allotted rolls. If you get this type of Carabina, you get five points. You then win the round. Yay you! The round then ends, and you get to keep on rolling into the next round.
  • Carabina de (Kings) No Naturales :
    The only way to obtain this Carabina is by pairing Aces with the Kings.
  • The Ace can be paired with any of the other dice because it is wild. If you obtain this type of Carabina, you get two points. You win the round, the round ends and you get to keep on rolling on to the next round.