The Traditional Cuban Dice Game



The game begins with each player rolling one cubilete.

The player with the highest roll, A-K-Q-J-T-N’s (in order of value), goes first.

Players take turn rolling the dice keeping in mind that each turn consists of three rolls at most before the highest combination is selected.

Players can stop rolling any time after the first roll, especially if they roll 5 Aces which amounts to winning the entire game not just that single round.

Patas, or points are scored when a player has the highest pairing per order A-K-Q-J-10- or 9’s. For example, if player one rolls 3 Queens then player two must roll minimum 4 Queens, 3 Kings or 3 Aces as examples of what would overmatch a roll of 3 Queens by player one.

Once a player completes 3 possible rolls of the dice, the turn passes to the player on the left until each player has scored their round. A point is awarded to the player with the highest score of the round.

First player to reach 10 patas or points, wins the match. Once a winner is determined, the game restarts with the same participants from the previous game.